What is an Escape Room?

Ever wanted to be the hero of a movie? A Real-Life Escape Room is a fun and exciting experience like no other. Your team will be locked into a specially designed room, and required to use elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles or locate clues to progress through the plot and find your way out. You will have 60 minutes to successfully complete your mission.

What should I wear for the game?

There are no special requirements.

My wife is pregnant, can she join us?

No problem. We welcome all pregnant women to play our Escape Rooms. You can leave the room whenever you want by pressing a safety button inside the room.

Is there a risk that I will get stuck in the room?

No. You can exit the room anytime you want through the safety button.

Can we book the room if we are more than 8 people?

No, we suggest to keep the number below 6 people in order to have the best guaranteed experience.

Can I bring my children?

Kids are more than welcome to our games. However, there must be adult supervision for individuals below 14 years old.

How much agility or strength is required?

Our games are appropriate for all fitness levels.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes. Cancellation is possible subject to our terms and conditions.

Can I organise a special event at the premises of Kawa Game?

Of course, please do contact our team for further information.