Entering the World of the Kawa Mastermind.

Since childhood days, The Mastermind has always been fascinated by the great detective novels and movies. Agatha Christies's "And Then There Were None", Conan Doyle's acclaimed "Sherlock Holmes" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder" are just some of many works that the Mastermind frequently read. The riddles and puzzles in those stories were deeply intriguing to him.

From the moment of the very first escape game in Shanghai in 2014, the wheels of the unborn mastermind had been turning. Our Mastermind became a game-hunter, trying escape rooms whenever and wherever it possible. After having experienced countless rooms around the world, he has finally discovered a way for the flying fantasy spirit to manifest itself.

It is time to create own brand of adventure for everyone to experience the utterly immersive experience that the Mastermind truly adores.