Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.1 Kawa Game Escape Games is a concept that belongs to the company Kawa Games Sarl. These general terms and conditions are applicable to any contract for the provision of a escape room between Kawa Games Sarl, hereinafter referred to as KAWA GAME, and the users of the room. , hereinafter referred to as the CLIENTS. The game room is called the ROOM and the contract of provision including these general conditions is called the CONTRACT. The CLIENTS acknowledges and accepts their entire responsibility for the actions of any third party having access to the ROOM as part of his reservation, it being understood that these third parties will be deemed to be the CLIENTS as well.

1.2 KAWA GAME has the right to modify or modify the terms and conditions below, including the contents of its website at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice.

1.3 The terms and conditions of KAWA GAME are available on its website https://www.kawagame.com or on request at the reception desk.

2.1 KAWA GAME grants CLIENTS the right to occupy the ROOM for a maximum of 60 minutes and benefit from the reception area, Kawa Longue and sanitary facilities before and after a gaming session.The CLIENTS agrees that the game lasts a maximum of 60 minutes, whether they have found all the riddles or not. Similarly, they agree that the game ends before the 60 minutes, if they found all the riddles, without it entitles to a tariff adjustment.

2.2 The only purpose of occupying the room is to participate in a game organized by KAWA GAME.

2.3 To be admitted to the ROOM, the CLIENTS will have to present the booking confirmation email.

2.4 The CLIENTS must be accompanied by an adult player in the ROOM if he is under 14 years old. KAWA GAME reserves the right to ask for a piece of ID to check the CLINTS's age.

2.5 The CLIENTS must respect the maximum number of people specified for the chosen ROOM indicated on the website. If a higher number is present on the premises of KAWA GAME, the staff reserves the right to refuse access to the room without the CLIENTS having the right to any reimbursement or indemnity.

2.6 The CLIENTS will keep the ROOM and its equipment in good condition and use it in accordance with the authorized use and the Contract. The CLIENTS agrees already that any intentional damage or misuse of the equipment will be billed to him and that any new reservation will be prohibited until the invoice is settled.

2.7 The CLIENTS undertakes to comply with these contractual provisions, as well as with all local and national laws and regulations, and other instructions from the administrative authorities, as well as the rules issued by the insurers, where applicable.

2.8 The CLIENTS is obliged to use the ROOM so as not to cause or risk causing any damage to other users, the environment, premises and equipment.

2.9 The CLIENTS undertakes, for the duration of his presence in the premises of KAWA GAME to behave in a correct way, to comply with the rules and to cooperate with the employees of KAWA GAME. KAWA GAME does not tolerate any kind of intimidation or harassment towards its employees. KAWA GAME reserves the right to take any measure to prohibit the entry to its premises to any person whose behavior would be calm and in particular the CLIENTS under the influence of alcohol or drugs, without this prohibition of access does not give right to any refund or compensation.

2.10 The CLIENTS can not get any food or drink into the ROOM.

2.11 The CLIENTS already accept that KAWA GAME can not be held responsible for damages created by the CLIENTS.

2.12 Due to the nature of the game no record can be taken inside the ROOM. This includes (but is not limited to) the use of mobile phones, cameras, and recording devices (video and / or audio). The use of such a device in the ROOM is not allowed.

2.13 KAWA GAME expects its CLIENTS to refrain from disclosing details of the game directly or indirectly to the public. Total or partial disclosure would violate the commercial interests of KAWA GAME.

2.14 In the event of the CLIENTS being late for a reserved session, the CLIENTS will decide whether or not to start the game. In all cases, the ROOM must be vacated at the time stipulated in the initial reservation. KAWA GAME reserves the right to refuse access to CLIENTS who arrive more than 30 minutes late. The CLIENTS can not in any case require total or partial refund.

Article 3 - Website and security

3.1 The website https://www.kawagame.com hereinafter the WEBSITE is owned and operated by KAWA GAME. KAWA GAME has the right to modify or modify the terms and conditions below, including the contents of this website at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice.

3.2 Any visitor of the WEBSITE must read the terms and conditions carefully before any use.

3.3 The trademarks and logos displayed on the WEBSITE are the property of KAWA GAME. No one may use them without the written consent of KAWA GAME, any unauthorized use constituting a violation of KAWA GAME's property rights .

Article 4 - Booking

4.1 The provision of a ROOM is subject to the reservation and its prior payment.

4.2 The reservation is registered by the CLIENTS on the KAWA GAME WEBSITE within the limits of available slots.

4.3 The registered reservation can not give rise to any cancellation , modification or refund.

4.4 A reservation is recorded and definitive only when it is paid.

4.5 KAWA GAME reserves the right to modify the allocation of the ROOM in the event of unavailability of the reserved room and this without the CUSTOMER being able to use it to request any refund.

4.6 KAWA GAME reserves the right to cancel a reservation without having to give a reason. A cancellation of the sole fact of TRIP TRAP will be subject to a refund of the reservation price, excluding any other sum that may be claimed as damages or otherwise.

Article 5 - Price and payment

5.1 The price of a reservation is indicated on the WEBSITE and displayed at the reception desk of KAWA GAME, in CHF including VAT, for a period of 60 minutes of making available the ROOM.

5.2 KAWA GAME reserves the right to modify its rates at any time, however the service is billed at the rate in effect at the time of payment of the reservation.

5.3 Only payment by credit card, postcard and paypal is accepted on the WEBSITE. If the CLIENTS could not pay by these means of payment, he will have to go to the reception desk to reserve and pay in cash.

5.4 KAWA GAME has entrusted its payment system to a specialist provider of online payment security and does not send any data related to the payment system in its databases.

5.5 Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Article 6 - Security measures

6.1 The CLIENTS undertakes to respect all the security measures given to him, whether through video, posted on site or given orally by the KAWA GAME staff.

6.2 It is expressly and strictly forbidden to smoke inside the site.

6.3 The CLIENTS undertakes to read and comply with the safety and fire protection instructions, as well as the emergency exits. Emergency exits are clearly identified. It is strictly forbidden to block or interfere with emergency exits, which must remain clear in all circumstances.