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Birthday Party

There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than having an unforgettable day filled with games and laughter. Our exclusive birthday package features customizable birthday themes, on-site photographers and light refreshments.

Our team has a lot of creative ideas and we promise to design the most unique package catered just for you! Simply get in touch with us and we will start the ball rolling.

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Team Building 

Escape Game is an ideal way for companies to strengthen interpersonal relationships and overall workspace performance. Leading enterprises like Google and Facebook have utilized it as an integral tool to cultivate greater dynamism in their enterprises.

We offer cuztomizable planning tailored specially to your needs. The Summit 6740 will also transform into a creative space for you to have a successful team building session. Contact us now!

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For any occasion!

Running out of ideas for this year's anniversary? Organizing a Christmas gathering for the extended family, or just simply wondering what to do next weekend?

The Kawa Lounge is the perfect space to host your group of friends, family or colleagues for your event after an exhilarating Escape Game! Simply contact us via our Contact page and we will plan the entire event for you.